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The 10 Essentials of a knife

The 10 Essentials of a knife

The knife that saved Sven?s life was a common butcher style variety with a six inch blade and wooden slab handles made by the Sheffield Knife Company in England. Sven first saw the knife at a local mercantile shop laying next to a block of cheese. He noticed the Sheffield marking and realized it was better than the knife he had in his possession so he decided to make a trade. Sven waited until the store owner was busy and placed the knife from his scabbard next to the cheese and took the Sheffield knife. Many years later Sven paid a visit to the Sheffield Knife Company and told the president and other workers that he?d actually killed a lion with one of their knives. But the men simply looked at him in disbelief and didn?t respond.
No one expects to be stranded or lost in the wilderness. Whether you travel by car through remote areas or you enjoy a day hike in familiar hills, being prepared for an emergency survival situation can mean the difference between life and death.
Here are the essential ten items to put in a lightweight backpack to ensure you have the best chance of surviving the unexpected.
- Fire starting equipment
- Tarp - 50 ft. of nylon rope - Knife - Water bottle - Lightweight cooking pot - Emergency poncho - Compass - Whistle and mirror - First-aid kit
Fire Starting Equipment
The ability to make fire tops the list because fire means the ability to get warm, dry and make water safe for drinking. Survival experts say you should always travel with at least two fire starting devices--at least one of which should be an all-weather fire-starting rod or, preferably, a metal match. Tinder cubes or cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly may also be a handy addition as they make fire starting possible in even the wettest conditions. A butane lighter or waterproof wooden matches in a plastic zip bag can serve as an easy flame source in dry, calm weather but...
Knife The most universally useful tool in a wilderness environment is the sports knife. A sturdy hunting or survival knife is not only useful to cut things such as rope and cloth, but also to dig holes, split kindling, hone wooden steaks, clean fish and help accomplish countless other tasks. A Purchase Boot Knife with a five-inch blade is the best choice. Choosing the right knife for you, however, can be nearly mind-boggling. While you could easily pay several hundred dollars for a top-notch survival knife, there are adequate knives available for...
Lightweight Cooking Pot Nothing replaces a small aluminum pot when it comes to boiling water and cooking on the go. Many different kinds of camp cooking pots are available at a variety of prices. Models with removable handles often provide the best storage options. Also, aside from its obvious job as cooking vessel, the pot can also be used to...
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